The world may be on its’ knees today. What happens when it rises?

To have the better perspective of the new world, we should try to understand the old world. See the failings of that world, and build a better one from it.

Many years before now, job applications require you to write a letter of application, put in an envelop and send to designated address. It was the tenable approach then, so we can not say that was a failing process.

Some years after, we were required to put together our job experience, Well itemized with other necessary information that allows employers have a glimpse of you. But this, only when a company has vacant positions.

For me, I say you can go further by making a list of companies you would love to work with, put together a compelling cover letter and a detailed CV. Send to their HR office. This is either the company asking for CVs or not. I always thought, “It’s better to be proactive in an ever changing world. Do not always wait, just act.”

“An ever changing world” is the key phrase.

This time last year, no one could have predicted a global pandemic.
This time last year, no one could have predicted a global economic shake.
This time last year, no one could have predicted remote working for most corporate organization. Actually, no one could predict 50% -60% of the the working population of the world going remote.

As a company, as an individual, what you do about that forms what the new world will be for you.

The recruitment process is one of the most tedious, costly and time consuming operational process in companies. Till forever, companies are still looking for ways to cut costs, even more now than ever, with the advent of Covid-19.

Candidates are being asked to leave their jobs, which means unemployment is on the increase, yet more companies are still trying to employ more staff.


For a company, a video CV affords you time and cost ease. You can simply pick on videos of candidates to watch, and can make an almost instant decision on who to hire. To go through a thousand paper CVs thoroughly, organize several face-to-face sessions to fill a 2-man slot is a job no sane HR officer should take on, when life could be way better and processes made easier.


For a candidate, you have an opportunity to sell yourself in a way you have never done before. To be creative, to be innovative and to determine how much you want to stand out among the lot, something that is grossly limited on Paper CV. That is if you make the final cut of face-to-face interview.


Covid-19 is reshaping or has reshaped our world. To save our world, to stay alive, to break the spread, we need to do things more remotely. A video CV affords you time to safely create your video CV and share without endangering yourself or anyone. Companies, without creating a crowd situation with respect to recruitment or interview calls can make selection decisions safely without pushing the limit of health/safety awareness.


The world has changed. We have changed.

CVCLICKS gives you this platform to be able to create a solid video CV in addtion to a job profile as a candidate, and employers use this same platform to watch, appraise and select.

See the attached Video CV of one of the registered candidates (An Industrial Engineer and Social Media Enthusiast) on CVCLICKS…

“Registration is free, sell yourself!”

How I Post A Video CV:

1.) Record video CV using any camera device like your mobile phones, or PCs.

2.) Upload your video on Youtube/Or send to for us to help you upload.

3.) Copy your video link, and paste in your profile where it is required for your video CV. (If sent to , your YouTube Video Link will be sent back to you to upload on your profile.

You Video CV shows on your profile, and employers can view to make their hiring decisions.

Attached is a Video CV of Ekenta Chinelo as a guide.

Welcome to the new world…

Welcome to CVCLICKS.

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