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A video CV is a professional representation of yourself in front of a camera, in a way that makes you appealing to a prospective employer.

The whole concept is for you to sell yourself as a fit candidate, and a valuable asset to your prospective employer.

What should be in your video CV:

- Brief introduction of yourself.
- Your core values.
- Your experience and as it relates to your core values
- Self SWOT analysis
- Closing remark (Why you are a great hire value)

To post your video CV on CVCLICKS.

- Create a short video as stated above.
- Share on your YouTube.
- Copy that video link and put in the space in settings where you are asked to add your introduction video.

You are on your way to being seen!

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Still Want Your Dream Job?

The competition will be high from other candidates, and having a video CV on your profile sell you faster than when you do not have it.