Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about CVCLICKS

CVCLICKS is an unconventional job website that focuses on the use of video CVs of prospective job seeking candidates as the major reference for prospective employers to access and use to make instant decisions.In addition to that, CVCLICKS has special categories for CORP MEMBERS in the NYSC program in Nigeria for them to create video CVs so employers can access and make instant decisions.Another special category is the UNDERGRADUATE category where students going for IT, SIWES can create a profile also with addition of a video CV, and companies looking for IT students can access and make instant decisions.
Yes, As an employer, you can advertise featured jobs that takes the main page banner. You can also advertise your brand as an independent brand owner. Contact cvclicks for adverts rate.
Yes, You can open cvclicks on any mobile device.
You can create your video CV with any media device; PC or Phones. Save your video CV on a youtube page, instagram page or any other linked video device. Once this is done, just copy the link and put in the required space in your profile. You will see your video up and available to be watched by prospect employers.
No. However, it is strongly advisable. The competition will be high from other candidates, and having a video CV on your profile sell you faster than when you do not have it.