CVCLICKS offers a potential wide range of engagement, as it tackles one of the most challenging crisis affecting todays’ youth, and even the world at large.
Over 18 million Nigerians are actively looking for jobs, and addtional millions looking to change job.

CVCLICKS has created a niche by pioneering the use of Video CVs to replace the conventional Paper CVs, saving time and cost for both employers and prospective candidates.

With estimated 1.8 Million users per day at the long run, we say that cvclicks is becoming one of the most talked about platform when it comes to job seeking in Nigeria.

With active youth usage, cvclicks sure will give your product or service the needed marjet boost you crave.

In addition, we have a single weekly slot for free advertisement. As we will be having several submissions, acceptance will solely be based on the most humanitarian service/product.

For Ads placement, please write to us at